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How It Works

If you are currently receiving child tax benefits and you are not working you can now be approved for vehicle financing. Get approved for your vehicle today! Below you will see the list of requirements to know if you qualify and will be approved:

  • If you receive $1,750 or more a month child tax benefit
  • You have work income or disability benefits and combined with your child tax benefits and receive $1,750 a month or more
  • You’re able to obtain automobile insurance
  • Have a G1 or higher Driver’s Licence
  • You live in Ontario. (Delivery is available for all of Ontario)

If you are currently working, receive long or short-term disability payments, are currently on maternity leave and receiving maternity benefits, it will definitely help add value to your approval but is not mandatory as long as you meet the above requirements. Click Apply Now to get approved today!

For more information you can call or text (647) 210-0695.

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Complete the online application. Which should only take 2 minutes

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Your application will be reviewed by our credit specialist who will work on your behalf to obtain an approval

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Once APPROVED we find the vehicle that best suits your wants and needs from the options that you provided us. We sign the necessary documents and get you driving