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Child Tax Benefit Car Loans

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An auto loan for any background

We are your Toronto car loan lender with years of experience finding the perfect financing solutions for borrowers with complex credit profiles. If you have poor credit history, recently declared bankruptcy, earn self-employed income, are a newcomer to Canada or have heard "no" elsewhere, our professional team can find the right loan for you.

Bad Credit or Other Credit Problems

If you have poor credit history, bad credit resulting from a recent divorce or separation, or for other reasons, we are here to find you flexible auto loan financing and a great vehicle. We understand that having bad credit or a complex credit background shouldn't prevent you from getting approved for a vehicle. There can be circumstances affecting a person's finances that impact your credit score, but that doesn't mean you would be a bad fit for a car loan.

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Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposal or Credit Counselling

If you’ve filed for bankruptcy or are going through a consumer proposal or credit counselling, you can still get approved for a car loan — even as early as day one of your bankruptcy or proposal. There are a lot of misconceptions that bankruptcy, a consumer proposal or credit counselling prevents you from getting vehicle financing, but we’re happy to say that’s not true.

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Insurance Write-Offs

If you've been in an accident where your vehicle that you were currently financing was deemed a total loss you may end up receiving a payout from the insurer that is not enough to pay off your current car loan. This means you end up without a vehicle and still owe money on the original loan. Many people do not realize how common this situation is, and how those who have an unpaid car loan face real difficulty getting approval for financing for a new vehicle.

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Newcomers to Canada

Canada is a country that welcomes everyone with open arms, and Donna (girlscansellcarstoo) along with her financing team believes your loan provider should too! That’s why we specialize in providing loans for recent immigrants to Canada, who may lack a normal credit history that other lenders insist upon. Instead, we focus on finding a great loan that matches your needs, even if you have just opened your first Canadian bank account and are looking for financing for your first Canadian car. We know how important your first car is, and how important a loan is to building your credit history, and can secure financing for new immigrant borrowers.

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Second Vehicle Financing

If you're paying off an existing vehicle loan but need a second vehicle, we can help get you the keys to a quality vehicle financed at a rate right for you. There are many scenarios a second vehicle will help with. If you're starting or expanding your family, a second vehicle will help get the kids to and from school, extra-curricular activities or a grocery run. It can be a lifesaver! I have personally helped several families with obtaining a second vehicle. It's not always an easy process but it can be done.

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Self-Employed Income

If you're self-employed you may encounter difficulty obtaining vehicle financing. Many lenders will see the self-employed as too "high-risk". Even if you are a highly successful entrepreneur, it will take years to establish your business's credibility. When you're starting out in business is when you need help the most. There are several banks and lenders that recognize that and are here to help.

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Trade In & Upgrade Your Current Vehicle

Driving a car you're currently financing, but need to upgrade? Donna and her team can help. It's a common belief that once you finance a car, you're locked into the loan until the loan is paid in full. This can be a source of stress for many reasons: our lives can change in many ways which means the vehicle you financed two years ago is no longer a good fit. One of the most common scenarios we see involves couples who have started their lives together with a compact vehicle, but then need to upgrade to a family-size vehicle when their little bundle(s) of joy arrives. It's important you know there are options available for you and your family and upgrading is definitely an option.

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